Surviving Narcissistic Coworkers: My Journey from the Corporate World to Soaring Solo


Hey, lovely souls! Today, I want to share something close to my heart – my journey of surviving narcissistic abuse at work. Picture this: I was in the corporate world, working hard and thinking everything was hunky-dory until I crossed paths with some toxic coworkers.

These narcissists attacked my character, destroyed my reputation, and left me feeling drained and defeated. But guess what? It was their toxicity that eventually pushed me to soar on my own!

Let’s rewind a bit. I endured bullying and manipulation from these narcissistic colleagues, and boy, it was tough! They made me question my self-worth and left me second-guessing every move I made. But amidst the chaos, I realized something important – I had the power to set boundaries and protect myself.

Slowly but surely, I mustered the courage to end those toxic ties. It was like shedding a heavy burden off my shoulders.

And here’s where the magic happened – I discovered my passion in coaching! This game-changing experience helped me process emotions, rebuild my self-esteem, and find my inner strength.

In the safe and nurturing space of heartbreak recovery coaching, I found a guiding light for my clients at Bee Wholly. I understood what they were going through because I had been there myself.

My coaching style was like chatting with a close friend over a glass of wine. I listened, I validated, and most importantly, I empowered my clients to rise above the chaos.

Now, let me introduce you to the transformative “Breaking Free” program for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery! This empowering program is meticulously crafted to guide you towards breaking free from the detrimental effects of narcissistic abuse, enabling you to wholeheartedly embrace a life of authenticity and wholeness.

With my support, you’ll learn to turn the tables on those narcissists. Instead of letting their toxicity bring you down, you can use it to fuel your flight! Yes, you heard me right. Their attacks pushed me to spread my wings and soar higher than ever before.

I took that leap of faith and left the corporate world behind. Starting my own journey as an empowered and passionate entrepreneur felt like a breath of fresh air. And here I am, sharing my story with you all!

If you’ve been dealing with coworkers narcissistic abuse or any toxic relationships, know that you’re not alone. With my heartbreak recovery coaching, you can find the strength to set boundaries, reclaim your power, and take flight to a life you deserve!

So, cheers to surviving and thriving! If you’re ready to break free from the toxic ties and soar on your own, let me be your guiding light. Reach out to my “Breaking Free” program and embrace a future filled with genuine joy and fulfillment.

Love and empowerment,